300 cards for adults (the cards with the grey and blue borders) 50 cards for kids (the cards with the orange and green borders) 1 x pad of scoresheets

l x pencil


Players can either split themselves up into teams or play individually. If there’s a group of you we suggest splitting up into two teams.

One player (the host) takes charge of the scoresheet and fills it out with the team names There’s space for six players/teams.

The player/team sitting to the left of the host starts then play progresses in a clock :36 direction.


Another player (who’s not on your team) takes a card from the box and reads out one of the words. If you or your team can guess the definition of the word with your first attempt you get two points. If you get it wrong, he then reads out the three possibilities (one is correct and the other two are false). If you get it right on your second attempt, you only get one point Place the card at the back of the pack and it’s the next player’s/team’s turn.

As well as the normal cards for adults (the cards with the grey and blue borders) there are cards with easier words for kids aged 7 and older (the cards with the orange and green borders).

Some of the words have multiple meanings other than the one that’s on the card. In Wordsmithery, you have to give the definition that appears on the card to get your points.

For words that are tricky to pronounce, we provide the phonetic spelling, and for each word, we give an example of how to use it. The example should be read out after the answer’s been given.


For starred words (one word in every six is starred) you have to provide the root of the word as well as the definition to get your point(s). A harder task.


The first player or team to get to IO points wins!

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